Johan Helmich Roman

How to Get a Good Printout

To get a good printout of the large picture, simply using "print" does not work in Internet Explorer: it will only get you the upper left corner of the picture.

However, in other web browsers (e.g. Firefox or Opera) you can set print options directly, see below.

How to print (Windows XP and Internet Explorer):

  • Right-click "enlarge picture" and select "save target as"
  • Save the picture in a folder on your computer
  • Open the folder where you have saved the picture
  • Right-click the picture and select "print"
  • Click your way through the print guide - the standard settings usually work fine. You might have to select paper size A3 or Ledger to get legible pages.

In the web browsers Firefox and Opera you go to "File -> Print Options" before you print. There you select landscape or portrait, depending on the orientation of the page. Often selecting "fit to paper width" will be sufficient, but you might have to set how the print is to be scaled (mostly in Opera). Try different percentages and use "File -> Print preview" to check that it will fit on the page.

To make printing easier we recommend that you use Firefox or Opera as your web browser.